by Dan Solloway
Fat loss is all a question of balance. Upping the thermogensis, without releasing the stress hormones is the secret, but you must do it right. Overdoing it won't get you there faster, but the combination of using the supplements we talk about, correct eating choices (low carb eating), and exercise often lead to the desired weight. Utilizing the keys below will give you the greatest results and a life-time of leanness.

Do not skip meals. Instead, eat six small meals a day and your metabolism will work at greater efficiency. Skipping breakfast and eating large meals late in the day has been shown to cause people to gain excess weight. Always eat your most hardy meal early in the morning and your lighter meals in the evening. This eating pattern has been shown to maximize fat loss.
Eating only a few large meals and consuming them late in the evening is a way to guarantee fat gain.

For maximum fat loss, exercising first thing in the morning before breakfast, when the body is drained of stored glycogen will stimulate the body to burn fat stores and become more efficient at burning fat throughout the day.

Short intense exercise versus low intensity aerobic exercise will give you the greatest results for the time spent. Intense exercise is working at 85% of your maximum heartbeat.

Maximum heartbeat is calculated by subtracting your age from 220 then multiplying by 80-85%. At this level, you not only burn more calories during your workout, but also rev up your metabolism for hours afterwards. Thirdly, you build and maintain more lean muscle tissue. The greater the amount of lean muscle you have to fat, the more calories you burn.

Some carbohydrates, which can be in the form of vegetables, fruits, grains, and other sugars, greatly elevate your insulin hormone level and some do not. The carbohydrates that do not spike your insulin are referred to as low gylcemic carbs. Consuming low gylcemic carbohydrates will lower your insulin and increase the glucagon hormone, which in turn triggers the body to stop storing fat and instead utilizing it as a major energy source.
To have an accurate understanding of this concept we would encourage you to read:
The Rosedale Diet
by Dr. Ron Rosedale, MD
Life Without Bread
by Christian B. Allan, Wolfgang Lutz
Protien Power Lifeplan
by Dr. Michel and Dr. Mary Dan Eades
Dr. Atkins New Diet
by Robert C. Atkins,M.D.
If you want to be trim and lean for the rest of your life it is essential that you study at least one of these books and apply it's approach. It is also important that you consume more of what is known as good fat. Essential Fatty Acids that are essential for creating the hormones you need for efficient fat burning. The fat I am referring to is Omega 3, Monosaturated Fats and Gamma Oleic Acid. Omega 3's best source is cold water fish, or through supplements of Fish oil or Flax oil. My favorite Omega 3 supplement, and what I believe is the most effective, is a supplement known as Coromega. A good source of Monounsaurated Fat is Virgin Olive Oil, or Canola Oil, be sure it has no trans fatty acids. Spectrum is an excellent source. Gamma Oleic Acids can be found in supplements of Primrose Oil or Borage Oil. The most important Oil is Omega 3. Though a "Low Carb Diet" will cause weight loss without counting calories, the results can be more expedient with controlled fewer calories and with a good blood sugar leveler formula. (see our suggestions "Lepti-Trim System") For greater results, counting calories can be more effective if done right. Done wrong, it can set you up to gain fat in the long run. Your body will defend against starvation by slowing down your metabolism, increasing the fat storing enzymes, which in turn makes you more dependent on carbohydrates for energy living you more hungry and addicted to high glycemic carbohydrates. The correct method will avoid these pitfalls. It is what is known as the Zig Zag method. You figure out what your average calorie consumption is a day by keeping a diary for five days. At the end of the five days total your daily calories, then divide by five. Now that you know your average, each day stair step your calories down by 200 to 300 calories per day for three to five days. Then for one to two days step back up to original calorie consumption. This Zig Zag method allows you to create a calorie deficit, which will increase depletion of your fat stores, without eating up lean muscle tissue or lowering your metabolism through hormones and enzymes. Be sure to divide your daily calories into five to six small meals. Also do your most intense workouts on the days you consume more calories.

Some will find recording what they eat and calculating their calories every day too tedious, and self-depriving. That is one of the reasons I prefer the Low Carbohydrate approach, plus using supplements (see our suggestions "Lepti-Trim System") and a hormone enhancing approach for my clients as well as for myself. The other reason I prefer a Low Carb lifestyle is because I believe it is more in line with how we are genetically designed. I believe modern man overloads on carbohydrates and it has a very detrimental effect on his health, making him not only prone for obesity, but cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, cancer, depression, etc, etc. We are only beginning to understand the extreme negative effect that sugar and high carbs have on our well being. By enhancing your Growth Hormones (or Regeneration Hormones) you increase your ability to burn fat and develop and maintain lean muscle. There are good supplements out there to help you accomplish this, and then there are great supplements. The discovery that certain supplements can bring your body up to a youthful hormonal level without a negative side effects, is perhaps the most important development in the alternative health field every. The effectiveness of these various formulas have made tremendous improvements since they were first introduced. And like most things in this high tech world new research is continually making advancements.
1/2 c. Blueberries/strawberry mixture (frozen if not fresh)

1 T. of Stevia

1 T. Omega 3 oil

Add oils last after blending everything else.
1 scoop of protein powder (women)

1- 2 scoops of protein powder (men)
(we use "Lepti-Trim Meal Replacement")

1 T. E3Live or other healthy green

1 T. MCT oil
Drink this 2 or 3 times a day and you may help your heart, help your brain function and lose or maintain your ideal weight. A healthy nutritious meal replacement.
Protein Drink
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